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Special Needs Trust Attorney

Carol J. Wessels

You settled your client's case favorably. Now what? 

Maximizing the benefit of your work when it comes to clients on public benefits.

Carol Wessels is a special needs trust attorney who works with personal injury, probate, family law and other attorneys  paragraph to provide recomm​endations on how a settlement, judgment or inheritance can be handled in the most effective way when the client receiving the funds is on public benefits. She feels it is critical to begin working together well before funds are received and often before a settlement is finalized.  Call the office to discuss how we can help with your case. 

Do I need an MSA for my liability case? 

Understanding Medicare Set-aside arrangements

​A fairly recent development in personal injury and liability cases is the Medicare Third Party Payor enforcement. The concept itself is not new, but the enforcement has grown in the last few years. The principal is that where a client's medical care is necessary due to circumstances where a liability policy is involved, and that person is or will be on Medicare, a liability settlement must contain sufficient funds to cover Medicare's future costs as a result of the injury.This is called a Medicare Set-Aside (MSA).

Carol Wessels can advise  you whether an MSA is necessary in your client's case and can help you understand the options to handle those arrangements.