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Financial Abuse Litigation is a difficult field. Attorney Wessels has the experience you need in a case like this.

Financial abuse cases

Strong Advocacy in Difficult Situations

I have been advocating for victims of elder abuse since over 15 years ago when, as director of SeniorLAW at Legal Action of Wisconsin,  I applied for and received the first statewide grant to provide legal services to victims of elder abuse.

I advise and represent people who have been the victims of financial exploitation and abuse. Often, this abuse is by someone in a position of trust such as a power of attorney agent or a family member. Where an agent steals money, this is called "fiduciary abuse." 

I have successfully litigated cases that resulted in the return of money and property to the victim or their estate. I have succeeded in getting homes returned, getting monetary judgments, and getting funds returned without litigation. I can help you understand your options if you or a loved one has been victimized.